I have benefited tremendously from Emeka’s classes in terms of my yoga practice and the
accompanying considerable stress reduction, balance, positive outlook and overall fitness. In
an often hectic work environment, and regardless of work pressures, I have made a point,
when I am not away from headquarters, to block the time necessary to attend Emeka’s
classes. I can attest that I am not alone in doing so, as Emeka commands quite a devoted
following of yoga practitioners at the Fund.

Nadim Sami Kyriakos-Saad International Monetary Fund

The Yoga classes leave me with a tremendous feeling of well being. I am not a particularly active or athletic person, but the class has helped strengthen my muscles, improve my balance, and manage my stress. The skills that Natural Worth offers are valuable to anyone. Our classes include people of different ages and body types. But we all work to the best of our ability. And everyone is able to leave the class feeling enriched by Emeka’s patient and positive manner.

Betsy Broder Federal Trade Commission
The Toyota Government Affairs Office in Washington, D.C. retained Emeka Olumba to teach a yoga and stress management program at the office.  The program was designed so people could come in their work clothes, which made the experience convenient.  Emeka makes the program accessible to all levels, and creates a safe and therapeutic interlude to the work day. I can unreservedly recommend Emeka and his Natural Worth program to those looking to provide their employees with a healthy and peaceful experience.  It also serves as a positive force that strengthens teamwork and individual wellness.
Stephen Ciccone Group Vice President Toyota


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